Obama’s Liberal Media In For A Big Surprise…

Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins
The Western Center for Journalism

Don’t tell anyone, but there is a super top secret bill the sneaky Republicans are putting together that so far has eluded the media’s notice. It’s gaining support right under their noses, and they don’t know a thing about it. Not even the media’s Democrat masters seem to know this bill exists.

The secret bill, The American Health Care Reform Act (AHCRA), is being treated as if it were the Unicorn Husbandry and Cultivation Act. Although it has over 100 House Republicans ready to sign on as co-sponsors, the media has not heard about it and – silly gooses! – they keep saying “the Republicans don’t have any alternative to Obamacare!”

There is, of course, very good reason for the media to ignore this news; but the AHCRA is here, it is real, and it is another problem for the Left’s lie machine.

HR 3121 would not only repeal Barack Obama’s greatest assault on American liberties; it would actually achieve the goals of better, cheaper, and more easily attainable healthcare the cynical Obama lied about while “selling” his plan.

The bill, which is being spearheaded by Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise, contains fewer than 200 pages (instead of the 2700 in Obamacare.)

The AHCRA will…


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As the White House touted improvements to the troubled HealthCare.gov website Sunday morning, conservative pundit George Will said the real test might be in six months when employers begin to weigh their options for 2015.

“Watch the employers, because if they start dumping people into … Medicaid – and the doctors then say, the burdens are too high and the reimbursement is too low; we’re not seeing Medicaid patients – then all hell is going to break loose,” Will said on “Fox News Sunday.”…


Obamacare’s Website Won’t Be Working By November 30 — But What If It Isn’t Working By November 2014?

…Obamacare cuts $716 billion from the Medicare program over the next ten years; these cuts will disproportionately affect seniors on Medicare Advantage. While Medicare Advantage needs to be reformed, the 14 million people enrolled in the program aren’t going to feel like Obamacare is doing them any favors. And this market is of far greater importance to private insurers like United, Aetna, and Humana than the exchanges are.

So, that’s 13 million individual-market cancellations, plus at least 80 million people facing higher costs for employer-sponsored insurance, plus 14 million Medicare Advantage customers facing meaningful cuts. On the plus side of the ledger, if we’re optimistic, we’ll say 4 million enrollees in the Obamacare exchanges. Plus we’ll count the 10 million new enrollees in the Medicaid program as “winners,” for the sake of argument. That’s 107 million losers to 14 million winners…

…Yes, the website will improve over time. But the cost of insurance on the website will not. And the cost of insurance for everyone else is also going up. And many of the law’s “winners”—mainly low-income people qualifying for subsidies—already vote Democrat, if they vote at all…

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“Inside the West Wing, where junior researchers monitor Twitter and other social media, officials knew the political controversy had moved beyond the broken website.”

“Now it was about a broken promise. But for Mr. Obama, the mounting criticism was more than political. It felt personal.”…


Our favorite comment:

Original Mike said…

“But for Mr. Obama, the mounting criticism was more than political. It felt personal.”

It’s personal for the cancelled cancer patients, too. But by all means, let’s concern ourselves with Obama’s feelings.

12/1/13, 9:23 AM



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