Paying More Taxes Than Anyone Else on the Planet and Still Being Called ‘Greedy.’

John Hawkins
Right Wing News

Liberals loot the most successful people in our country, give their tax money away in exchange for votes, and then congratulate themselves for being so generous while they accuse the people they’ve robbed of being selfish. If liberals were left to their own devices, they would take this just as far as the Communists did and they’d make the mantra of this country, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Want see some evidence that’s the case? Well, you know how evil, selfish, and greedy our corporations are? Sure you do. The Democrats talk about it all the time. They practically never stop yammering on about how these people “need to pay their fair share.” Yet, these businesses ALREADY pay the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the developed world (39.25%) and guess what? Our corporations will soon be paying the highest tax rates of any nation that has a free market economy,

Japan will cut its corporate income tax rate by 5 percentage points in a bid to shore up its sluggish economy, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said here Monday evening.

Companies have urged the government to lower the country’s effective corporate tax rate — which now stands at 40 percent, around the same rate as that in the United States — to stimulate investment in Japan and to encourage businesses to create more jobs…

…Democrats may believe we can build an entire economy on the backs of illegal aliens, welfare moms, unions, and trial lawyers, but some of us know better.

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Also: As Japan Abandons Emissions Caps, Obama Rushes Headlong Toward It

Even as the Japanese have abandoned its national emissions trading scheme because they’ve realized how many jobs would be lost as a result of the draconian regulations involved, President Obama continues to claim that he wants to impose similar jobs-killing regulations on America.

Japan initially announced that its national carbon trading scheme was to have been approved in the now concluding parliamentary session. But common sense and business interests have delayed the bill until the next session begins in January putting the future of the law into question.

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