Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer Refutes Claims that Global Warming is Causing Record Cold

‘Polar vortices have been around forever. They have almost nothing to do with more CO2 in the atmosphere’

Marc Morano
Climate Depot

Award-winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer rejected the media and some scientists claims that the record U.S. cold is due to man-made global warming. Happer, explained the science in an exclusive interview with Climate Depot.

“Polar vortices  have been around forever. They have almost nothing to do with more CO2 in the atmosphere,” Happer said in an exclusive interview with Climate Depot…

…Like any fluid system at “high Reynolds number,”  the jet stream is highly unstable, and from time to time it develops meanders to low latitudes, like the one we have had the past few days.  About this time  of year in 1777, just before the Battle of Princeton, there was a similar sequence.  On January 2, Cornwallis’s men marched south from New York City through cold rain and muddy roads to try to trap George Washington and his little Continental Army in Trenton . On the night of January 2-3, a polar vortex swept across New Jersey,  with snow and a very hard freeze. Aided by the extremely cold weather, Washington was able to evacuate his troops and artillery over newly frozen roads  and to avoid Cornwallis’s encirclement.  Reaching Princeton on the viciously cold morning of January 3,  Washington won another battle against the British and escaped to winter quarters in Morristown. Thank you, polar vortex!…



The complete article, with related links, is at Climate Depot.



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Update:    IPCC-Fail: Tropical ‘Hotspot’ Refuted By Latest Empirical Evidence – Experts Wrong, Again

“The IPCC’s catastrophic AGW (CAGW) hypothesis is based on the prediction that human CO2 emissions would produce a “hotspot” in the atmosphere above the tropics. This hotspot was identified by the IPCC as the penultimate evidence that global warming was accelerating, causing a “tipping point” cascade of catastrophic events.

The projected hotspot over the tropics was expected to stretch from the 5km mark to as high as 15km, with the hottest portion being from 8-12km. The temperatures in this specific area were supposed to rise 1.2 to 1.5 times faster than surface temperatures, due to positive feedback loop produced by the CO2-induced warming.”

Big problem though..




Update 2:  Warmists lament: ‘How ESPN Is Mainstreaming Climate Change Denialism’



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