Questions Arise Surrounding Michael Moore Attack Claims

Phelim McAleer
Big Hollywood

Filmmaker Michael Moore, has just published a new book.

It’s called “Here Comes Trouble” and (with his permission) the UK Guardian last week published an excerpt.

The Guardian extract focused on the period after Moore’s famous 2003 Oscar acceptance speech when he condemned the Iraq War and President George W Bush. According to Mr. Moore, this speech was thought of as “career suicide” and more alarmingly made him “the most hated man in America”…

…Mr. Moore outlines three attacks in particular to illustrate the level of violence he was enduring.

However, his accounts raise questions about these incidents and reasonable doubts if they happened as outlined.

Having doubts, I emailed his spokesperson a few detailed and pointed questions asking for times, dates, locations and police and medical reports that would normally be generated by such incidents…

…One of the most serious and most public attacks was in Tennessee.

According to Mr. Moore:

“In Nashville, a man with a knife leapt up on the stage and started coming toward me. The Seal grabbed him from behind by his belt loop and collar and slung him off the front of the stage to the cement floor below. Someone had to mop up the blood after the Seals took him away.”

However, Officer Don Aaron of Nashville Police Public Affairs Department said there is no record of such an incident involving Mr. Moore occurring in the area…

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