Quote of the day

2 July 2010

We found two quotes today, voices of reason filled with honest common sense in a news cycle brimming with lies and contradictions. So we offer these quotes today and, by happy fortune, their themes are entwined.

“We’ve got to get the real economy—where people actually invent things, make things, produce things—going again, so we can enhance productivity and spread economic growth and prosperity as wide as possible. We are rep…lacing basic free-enterprise with crony capitalism, where you have big business using their largess and their connections with big government to stack the deck in their favor; to have the rules set for the incumbents in business, which are direct barriers to entry against other would-be competitors. We need to have a free enterprise system where everybody has access to capital markets.”

Congressman Paul Ryan talking to Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC, 28 June 2010

“In my experience, the wealthier the country is, the better is its environment (mainly because energy in wealthy societies is produced in high density processes like power plants rather than gathering of wood and biomass which destroys habitats.) Policies that allow human wealth and security to be enhanced are policies that can sell. The wealthier a society is, the greater emphasis it can put on protecting natural habitats, cleaning the air and water, and protecting its citizens from threats of all kinds (i.e. disease, weather disasters, etc.) This wealth building occurs best in democratically accountable societies which establish human rights for all citizens, including women and children.”

Professor John Christy in an interview with
Thomas Fuller of Environmental Policy Examiner, 1 July 2010

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