RAF veteran beaten by two shouting ‘death to soldiers’

‘Kill soldiers’ thugs beat up RAF hero Anthony OBrien, 69

Richard Moriarty
The Sun [UK]
28 Dec 2010

AN RAF veteran told yesterday how he was battered in the street by two thugs who shouted: “Death to soldiers”.

Anthony O’Brien, 69, was head-butted and punched to the ground by the men.

The pair then fled. Grandad Mr O’Brien – who had been wearing his RAF blazer and a Remembrance poppy – was treated in hospital for bruising to his face and an injured nose. He said: “The yobs who did this to me are nothing but cowardly scum.”

Father-of-two Mr O’Brien, who served in the Sixties, was attacked walking home from the pub in Fallowfield, Manchester, where he and pals had discussed arrangements for an old colleague’s funeral. He said: “I saw these two lads and, as I got near, they started shouting and swearing.

“They were shouting, ‘F****** shoot all you bastards and blow your soldiers up. Death to all soldiers.’ I was scared.

“I was wearing my RAF blazer and poppy – I wear it regularly because it’s smart and I’m proud of it. I thought they were drunk or something. I told them to leave me alone but the little fella hit me on the side of my head.

“Then the other fella head-butted me. Then they ran away.”

The attack has left him in a wheelchair with heart trouble and breathing problems.

PC Michael Seddon, of Greater Manchester Police, described the attack as “brutal” and appealed for information. The suspects were described as Asian or mixed race.

H/T and photo Weasel Zippers.

Update: Via GatewayPundit, In Florida 4 men and 1 woman arrested for beating Iraq War veteran and his wife outside movie theater

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