The Scandal That Will Rock 2011

“One common misconception is that Pigford is about people who defrauded the government by pretending to be farmers. From the research I’ve done, there’s almost nobody who pretended to be a farmer. The shocking truth is that you didn’t have to fake a farming resume to collect $50,000 — all you had to do was to make a credible enough claim that you ‘attempted to farm.’”

~Lee Stranahan,

Robert Stacy McCain
The Other McCain

The dirty scam that is the Pigford case, via Breitbart TV:

Lee Stranahan explains at Big Government. When Breitbart went into all-Pigford-all-the-time mode a few weeks ago, some people didn’t get it. “Is this just vengeance for the Sherrod dust-up?” and so forth. But there’s a serious scandal here…

…The way the plaintiff’s attorneys hosed the taxpayers on the Pigford class-action case is a shame and disgrace to the American legal system…

The entire article is at The Other McCain.

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