Rand Paul’s hilarious Obamacare slam

Glenn Beck

Slowly but surely Obamacare makes the transformation from a really bad policy to a really bad policy in action. Companies that offer premium insurance plans have been punished for doing so, and now doctors will have to conform to a massive list of codes for every imaginable scenario. On radio, Glenn played the clip of Sen. Rand Paul exposing the ridiculousness and folly that is Obamacare.

“Well, I’m a physician and when you come in to see me, I put down a little diagnostic code and there’s ‑‑ there was 18,000 of these,” Rand Paul explained. “But under ObamaCare, they’re going to keep you healthier because now there’s going to be 140,000 codes. Included among these codes will be 312 new codes for injuries from animals, 72 new codes for injuries just from birds, 9 new codes for injuries from the Macaw. Macaw? I’ve asked physicians all over the country, have you ever seen an injury from a Macaw.”

“There’s two new injury codes under ObamaCare for injuries sustained from a turtle. And you might say, well, turtles can be dangerous, but why do you have to have two codes? Well, you have ‑‑ your doctor needs to inform the government whether you’ve been struck by a turtle or bitten by a turtle. There is a new code for ‑‑ I see some alcohol out there ‑‑ walking into a lamp post. There’s also a code for walking into a lamp post “subsequent encounter,” if you don’t learn. There is a code for injuries sustained from burning water‑skis. Your government’s just trying to take care of ya.”

“Burning water‑skis. How exactly ‑‑ how do you set water‑skis on fire… while you’re in the water?” Glenn asked.

“Wouldn’t this just fall under the good old ‘miscellaneous’? Do you really need specific codes?” Stu said.

Watch the video of Stu, Pat, and Glenn discussing this at GlennBeck.com



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