Report: Obama focused on Iran diplomacy in tense meeting with Netanyahu

“He believes he will then be seen in history as a peacemaker who prevented a catastrophic war.”

Little love was lost in the March 5 meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Western diplomatic sources.

The sources said Obama may travel to Iran in a bid for reconciliation and that his meeting with Netanyahu pointed to what many are describing as a poisoned atmosphere between the leaders.

“There’s a lot of hate in this relationship, and this is no exaggeration,” the diplomat said.

The sources said Obama, who quietly remains in contact with Teheran’s
leadership, warned Netanyahu not to “do anything reckless” regarding
military operations in the Middle East.

The sources said Obama sees Netanyahu as an ally of the opposition Republican Party while the prime minister sees the president as ready to abandon Israel, Middle East Newsline reported.

The sources as well as those close to the White House said Obama has ruled out any U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons infrastructure. They said Obama wants to cap his presidency with a visit to Iran that would usher an era of U.S. reconciliation with Teheran…

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CAJ note: Evidently, Obama feels compelled to apologize to the mullahs in person, and Soros isn’t the only one with a God-complex.

Related Muslim & Arab Nations Walk Out of UN Meeting on Anti-gay violence

…Speaking before the walkout for the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Pakistan described homosexuality as “licentious behavior” while African group leader Senegal said it was not covered by global human rights accords…

Also, Panetta: We need international approval to join a military coalition — but maybe not Congress’s approval

Via, stick with this until at least 2:40, when things start to heat up, through 3:30 when the absurdity is fully revealed. His point about international approval is mundane: If we decide to act in Syria as part of a coalition, then there needs to be some sort of joint international resolution laying out the scope of the mission. To which Sessions replies, how come there didn’t need to be a resolution passed by Congress approving American intervention in Libya? We all know the answer to that, as does Panetta, which is why he’s reduced to mumbling here about maybe “informing” Congress of their plans if and when the time comes. The One doesn’t recognize the War Powers Act — even though his own lawyers do. If he wants to bomb Syria, he’ll bomb Syria, and Congress will get a heads up about it at some point and that’s that…

Read the whole thing.

Update: (Another)  Useful Idiot Jimmy Carter: The Muslim Brotherhood “Promised Me” They Would Honor Peace Treaty With Israel…

Update 2Iran nuclear: Israel’s Netanyahu warns on attack timing

…”This is not a matter of days or weeks. It is also not a matter of years.”

He said the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons had to be removed…


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