Rubio Endorses Scott Brown And Asks Supporters To Make 15 Calls For Candidate

by Christina Bellantoni
Talking Points Memo
January 13, 2010

Republican State Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has another national supporter on his side – conservative darling Marco Rubio (R-FL), who calls next week’s Senate race in Massachusetts “extremely important.”

Rubio, who is challenging Gov. Charlie Crist in a Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, has earned attention from national conservatives who think he is the right kind of candidate to help the party reclaim power.

Rubio asks his supporters to back Brown through fundraising and volunteer phone calls because the Republican candidate “represents the vote we need to stop the radical Obama-Reid-Pelosi government health care hijacking now being plotted in Washington.”

Rubio’s email can be read at TPMDC.

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