Sen. Rand Paul Hammers Hillary Clinton at Senate Hearing on the Benghazi Terror Attack: ‘Had I been President at the Time . . . I would have Relieved You of Your Post’

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before Senate Foreign Relations Committee today.



Also from the hearings: Hillary Clinton Angered at Senate Questioning on Benghazi Terror Attack: “What Difference Does it Make” who the Attackers were?

‘Umm. Ooops.’: The Top 5 Answers to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Question of ‘What Difference…Does It Make?’

…a whole host of right-leaning commentators have leaped at the chance to answer Clinton’s entirely rhetorical question…

Moe Lane of RedState

Columnist Debra J. Saunders

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin

National Review’s Eliana Johnson

and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey

Read it.

Clinton Finally Explains Why the Four State Dept. Employees Blasted for Leadership Failures in Benghazi Report Have Not Been Fired

Update: At American Power Blog Professor Douglas has an answer to “What difference does it make?”

…Hillary admits that the White House didn’t give a shit about the truth…

‘Flat-Out Bullsh*t’: Limbaugh Weighs in on Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

WTF? Shrillary claims “I did not say it was the video” Uh, yes, she did. And we posted the video of her saying it.

Clinton Contradicts Admiral Mullen About Watching Benghazi Attack

Update 2: Sen. Rand Paul Reacts to His Tense Exchange with Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi Terror Attack –

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