Speaker Of The House Shocked That President Who Likely Left Two Heros High And Dry In Benghazi Proves Incapable Of Keeping Phone Call Secret

The Other McCain

For crying out loud in the dark, Boehner:

Republicans believe the administration leaked details of the 30-minute Wednesday night phone call to Politico, which is causing them to question whether they can trust the White House to keep details private, a sentiment that has caused progress in the negotiations over the “fiscal cliff” to stall.

Trusting Obama to do anything other than throw you under the bus is like dropping off your children at the Jeffrey Dahmer Day Care Center. What if, and I fantasize, you just punted and started offering a no-kidding reform platform that stabilizes the fisc and returns liberty to Americans?

Of course it’s not going to get through Chokepoint Harry in the other chamber, much less get signed into law by #OccupyResoluteDesk, but your purported base would SURE LIKE TO SEE YOU DO MORE THAN COWER FOR ONCE!

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Update: Another #My2K Response: President Obama – Taxing The Rich Won’t Work

Ulysses S. Arn submitted this #My2K video in response to Barack Obama’s request. This video covers a lot of ground. It is excellent.


Update 2:  World’s Youngest Blogger: I May Have To Get Medieval On Boehner Don’t click the link if you hate adorable babies.

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