Sens. Inhofe and Wicker: Lifting Obama's gag order on military chaplains

Military Religious Freedom Act defends conscience

Sen. Jim Inhofe and Sen. Roger Wicker The Washington Times 10/5/2012

Our Founding Fathers spoke much about the importance of “freedom of conscience” and its underpinning of all other freedoms. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson said, “We are bound, you, I, and every one to make common cause even with […]

Awlaki Involved in Training Chaplains for Defense Department

From instructor to high-value target.

John Hayward Human Events 11/9/2010

Terrorism expert Patrick S. Poole at Big Peace reports that Anwar al-Awlaki, recently named as the first U.S. citizen to be included on a CIA kill-or-capture order in the War on Terror, was formerly an instructor with the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in […]