'Despicable, Demeaning, Disgusting'

Lt. Col. Allen West Slams Rep. Alan Grayson Over KKK/Tea Party Comparison

Fox Nation 10/22/2013

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Former Congressman Allen B. West, R-Fla., appeared on Tuesday’s Kelly File to discuss the controversial use of Ku Klux Klan imagery by Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla.

Grayson used the image of a burning cross to represent […]

Obamacare seeks to segregate patients, doctors by race

Katie McHugh The Daily Caller 10/20/2013

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under Obamacare — if you both belong to the same race.

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Obamacare’s spectacular flop of a rollout distracts from its crude calculus that encourages the allocation of healthcare resources along racial lines and a […]

Federal judge slams EEOC, dismisses discrimination complaint

‘To require less, would be to condemn the use of common sense, and this is simply not what the discrimination laws of this country require’


Linda Bentley Sonoran News 8/21/2013

BALTIMORE – On Aug. 9, U.S. District Judge Roger W. Titus, for the District of Maryland, granted Freeman’s motion for summary judgment […]

Clarence Thomas: Affirmative action no better than Jim Crow segregation

Joe Saunders BizPac Review 6/24/2013

A 7-1 majority of the Supreme Court on Monday punted on the affirmative action case of Fisher v. University of Texas Austin.

But conservative champion Justice Clarence Thomas made no bones about where he stood in his opinion, even though he concurred with the court’s decision to send the case […]

College students thank IRS for illegally targeting conservative groups

Oliver Darcy Campus Reform 5/29/2013

Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder (UCB) signed an enormous thank you card to the Internal Revenue Service for its apparent harassment of conservative groups during the lead-up to President Obama’s reelection.

In the viral video, posted on YouTube Tuesday, conservative pundit Caleb Bonham asked students to sign […]

Eric Holder: Banning Homeschooling Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights

Shane Vander Hart Caffeinated Thoughts 2/12/2013

I read an article written by Michael Farris, the founder and chair of HSLDA – the Home School Legal Defense Association. In it he discussed the case made by government lawyers representing Attorney General Eric Holder during the court hearing for the Romeike family. You may remember the […]