Companies Must Justify Their Workforce Decisions Under Obama’s Latest Rewrite

Susan Jones CNSNews 2/11/2014

Once again acting without Congress, President Obama has unilaterally changed his signature health insurance law, delaying its employer mandate – the second time he’s done this — to 2016, after the mid-term elections.

BUT: To be eligible for the additional delay, the Obama administration says an employer “may not reduce the […]

FCC’s slow pace on Internet rules puzzles some

Internet rules not likely to take effect until fall Some wonder if FCC intentionally delaying FCC says Paperwork Reduction Act slowing process

Jasmin Melvin Reuters 6/9/2011

WASHINGTON, June 9 (Reuters) – The U.S. communications regulator has been oddly slow in unleashing new powers to police the Internet, six months after finalizing the controversial rules.