Saudi Arabia Beheads Indonesian Grandmother, Dangles Corpse From Helicopter…

CAJ note: Sensitive readers need to be warned the video content is quite graphic.

“Tonight is part of a rich tradition here at the White House of celebrating the holy days of many faiths and the diversity that define us as a nation. So these are quintessentially American celebrations — people of different […]

Former Army Prosecutor: Some Prisoners ‘Asked to Stay in Gitmo’ Rather than Go Home

Katie Bell, Andrew Herzog and Pete Winn 6/30/2011

( – Former Army Gitmo prosecutor Kyndra Rotunda told that some prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have asked to stay there in U.S. custody rather than be released to return to their home countries.

“Interestingly, some detainees were offered release, and asked to stay in Gitmo. […]

End of Ramadan Celebrations Canceled, Downgraded

Muslims Tone Down Eid, a Holiday Falling on Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Kyla C. Grant ABC News 9/10/2010

More than 8,000 people poured through the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring, Md., this morning in shifts for prayer and worship in celebration of Eid ul-Fitr – a celebration marking the end of a month […]


Obama defends plan for mosque near Ground Zero as commitment to freedom of religion

Devlin Barrett and Jonathan Weisman The Daily Caller 8/13/2010

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama defended the plan to build a mosque near the site of the 2001 terror attacks in New York, telling Muslim guests at a Ramadan dinner at the White […]

Obama Ramadan Message: “May God’s Peace Be Upon You”

The Huffington Post Rachel Weiner 08-21-09

President Obama wished a blessed Ramadan to Muslims in and outside of the United States in a web video on Friday. He made particular notice of those fasting during the holiday and talked about action on swine flu, a concern for those making the hajj pilgrimage this year.