Supreme Court ruling legalizes same-sex marriage

Lydia Wheeler and Ben Kamisar The Hill 6/26/2015

The Supreme Court in an historic 5-4 ruling on Friday said there is a right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states, delivering a monumental win for gay and lesbian couples across the country.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, often the swing vote on the court, sided with its […]

Without The Slightest Hint Of Irony, Obama Makes “Unwavering” Pledge To Protect Religious Liberty…

Zip Weasel Zippers 9/17/2012

The fact that Obama can force the Catholic church to violate its beliefs then turn around and make a video declaring his “unwavering” desire to protect religious liberty just goes to show what kind of an arrogant jackass he is.

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And while we’re busy […]

Sarah Palin was right

David Merritt The Daily Caller 2/18/2012

In the summer of 2009, when the outrage over the Democrats’ emerging health care reform bills was at its height, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was excoriated by the left for saying:

“The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with […]

The Church of Kathleen Sebelius

A zealous administration wants to require all health insurance plans to cover contraception, sterilization and drugs known to induce abortion.

William McGurn Opinion The Wall Street Journal 12/13/2011

In the church of Kathleen Sebelius, there is little room for dissent. “We are in a war,” the Health and Human Services Secretary declared to cheers at […]