‘Prove me wrong’: Michelle Malkin sees through DOJ, FBI crackdown on Dems

Twitchy 3/27/2014

…Yesterday, Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon and California State Senator Leland Yee, both Democrats, were arrested after getting caught in FBI stings going back several years. Think it’s just coincidental that the revelations about Dem corruption are coming out now? Michelle Malkin doesn’t:



Why is Obama’s FBI publicizing all of its raids/probes […]

Police tell ‘high risk’ Surrey villages how to spot threat of terrorists firing rockets at planes at Heathrow

Daily Mail [UK] 2 July 2011

Usually talks in village halls by police cover such mundane crimes as burglaries, theft of bicycles or minor speeding offences.

But officers have shocked residents in Surrey by giving briefings on terrorists armed with rocket launchers targeting planes taking off and landing at Heathrow.

The villages in Effingham, Ockham […]