Maine Senate candidate calls on Olympia Snowe to resign in face of husband’s scandal

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 5/10/2011

Maine Republican Senate candidate Scott D’Amboise, who is challenging sitting Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe in the upcoming 2012 primary, called on Snowe to resign from her seat immediately.

D’Amboise issued a statement Tuesday morning calling on Snowe to resign after the U.S. Department of Justice joined a lawsuit against […]

Olympia Snowe, Tea Partier?

Ed Morrissey 5/9/2011

Say, what has happened to Olympia Snowe lately? The Senator from Maine has spent years cementing her reputation as one of the few moderates left in either party willing to cross the aisle to cut deals. In the last two years, though, Politico notices a lot more party-line votes from Snowe […]