Coburn: Expanding park service a ‘disastrous idea’

Sean Lengell The Washington Examiner 12/13/2014

A federal lands package tucked into Congress’ annual defense policy bill has sparked a larger debate over the government’s role as a landlord.

The package, which was approved with broad bipartisan support Friday as part of the 2015 Defense Authorization Bill, designates 250,000 acres of new federal wilderness, in […]

Senators Al Franken, Maria Cantwell to introduce net neutrality legislation

The State Column 3/18/2011

Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken will join Washington U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell in introducing legislation aimed to preserving net neutrality.

Earlier this week Senators Al Franken and Maria Cantwell announced their intentions to introduce legislation that would make it a federal anti-trust violation for privately owned phone and internet providers to […]

Glass-Steagall and why Obama wants it forgotten

Bob Beers Canada Free Press 5/17/2010

Most people are unaware that a little-remembered bit of legislation known as the Banking Act of 1933 was a law that established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States and introduced banking reforms, some of which were designed to control speculation. It is most commonly known […]

Senators Pitch Alternative to Cap-and-Trade Climate Bill

Two senators on Friday offered yet another approach to tackling climate change, proposing the U.S. government sell pollution allowances to industry to cut greenhouse gas emissions and then use most of the money to send tax-free monthly checks to every American.

Associated Press/ December 11, 2009

WASHINGTON — Two senators on Friday offered yet another […]