China Forbids International Tourism to Tibet Indefinitely

ABC News 6/7/2012


Audrey Wozniak and Gloria Riviera report:

BEIJING – In a matter of days, the number of expected foreign visitors to Tibet has gone from millions to zero.

Chinese authorities alerted foreign travel agencies Tuesday that they would no longer be issuing entry permits to Tibet, the latest in a series […]

Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of the New Revolutionaries

The Rise and Demise of the Zuccotti Park Commune

El Marco Looking at the Left 11/23/2011

…On the weekend, the park was packed with people who didn’t necessarily support the “tear it all down” mindset of the Occupiers. The man above [click image to enlarge] is from Shanghai, China, and is protesting China’s […]

President Obama meets Dalai Lama

Obama defies China by meeting Dalai Lama (but makes him leave via rubbish bags at side exit)

by Daily Mail Foreign Service [UK] 18 February 2010

The Dalai Lama and U.S president Barack Obama met for the first time at the White House today, defying furious protests from China.

The two Nobel Peace Prize winners […]

Obama meets Hu, says Tibet part of China

[This is an important article that we missed from the President’s recent trip to China. H/T to Tartan Marine]

Times of India 17 November 2009

BEIJING: Describing Tibet as part of China, US President Barack Obama today supported the early resumption of talks between Beijing and representatives of the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.


Obama’s Silence on China

by Matt Gurney FrontPage Magazine 11/19/2009

President Obama this week embarked on his first trip to China, but so far he has little to show for his visit. Wrapping up a three-day stay in the Asian powerhouse, the president secured impressive photo ops, spouted lofty rhetoric, and made vague statements about future plans. Yet he […]

Major Obama Appeasement Offensive Set for China

Yesterday Sarah Palin delivered a major speech with what Rogin says “included some of the most critical statements about the Chinese Communist Party by a American political leader in years.” She talked bluntly about China’s massive military build-up and the threat it poses to America’s allies and she alluded to Chinese abuses in Tibet and […]