Ten takeaways from Kathleen Sebelius' testimony

Susan Ferrechio
The Washington Examiner

…– Participation is a mystery. Enrollment numbers are still unavailable but will be provided by Sebelius in mid-November. “We do not have reliable enrollment data,” Sebelius said.

– Obamacare is not for Obama staff. Sebelius said she can’t enroll in the new health care exchanges because her health care is provided by the federal government. “It’s illegal. If I have available find cheap viagra employer-based coverage, I am not eligible for the market.”

– No extension. Despite the website glitches (healthcare.gov was down for the duration of Wednesday’s hearing), Sebelius said she will not extend the enrollment period beyond March 31. “It’s important for the insurance partners to know who is in their pool so they can stay in the market next year and know who they’re insuring,” Sebelius said…

Read the whole thing at The Washington Examiner.

Related: Rep Cory Gardner Presses Kathleen Sebelius: ‘Why Aren’t You In The Exchange?’

…They went back and forth on that for a bit, and then Gardner returned to his original point and smacked her one more time, “you have the ability to opt out, by the way, as a federal employee.”

He concluded by asking for a waiver for his entire district.


CNN Destroys Sebelius With Single Split-Screen

You can’t keep your insurance because Democrats don’t want you to control your own health-care spending

…Democrats at least are consistent. Back in 1993, during the fight over HillaryCare, Mrs. Clinton explained Democratic reasoning to then-House GOP Leader Denny Hastert. If Americans are allowed too much discretion over how they spend their health-care dollars, Mrs. Clinton said, “We just think people will be too focused on saving money and they won’t get the care for their children and themselves that they need . . .

“The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better.” …

Insurance Companies Being Told To Remain Silent About Obamacare Policy Terminations; Executives Say They Fear Retribution 

So here is the game: the White House wrote regulations to insure that the maximum number of people were terminated from their old policies, thus intentionally breaking its oft-made promise.

The White House and Democrats now wish to claim it’s the insurance companies who are doing this.

The insurance companies would like to say that this isn’t true — that the White House is forcing them to do this, and furthermore, that they warned the White House that Obamacare regulations were forcing huge numbers of terminations — but the White House demands they be silent and take their scapegoating.

And why are they are afraid? Because with the stroke of a pen, the government has now become the country’s biggest insurance customer.

Oh, and this White House is vengeful, vindictive, petty, and Nixonian, of course.

Is this still America?…

Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled insurance plans

President Obama tried a new tack Wednesday as he fought back against criticism of his Obamacare claims.

Fact-checkers and journalists have ruled that Obama wasn’t being truthful when he claimed that people who liked their insurance could keep it. Obama during a speech in Boston sought to cast the issue Wednesday as trying to weed out “bad apple insurers” who don’t provide enough coverage…


Kathleen Sebelius captured on hot mic: “Don’t do this to me”
Greenfield: Sebelius says ObamaCare website didn’t crash, it just doesn’t work

Kathleen Sebelius’s Congressional testimony was a masterpiece of hairsplitting. The HHS Secretary explained that the ObamaCare website hadn’t crashed, it was just loading slowly and completely unreliable…


Update: Rand Paul: We know government is inept, but ObamaCare is bringing it to a whole other level of incompetence
Kathleen Sebelius on Obama’s Responsibility for ObamaCare Debacle: “Whatever”

…Rep. Greg Harper (R-MS) was not about to let the Lightworker off the hook quite so easily. After all, they don’t call it SebeliusCare. But the Abortion Queen easily outwitted him with her Valley Girl repartee…


Update 2: HHS Predicted Much Employer-Backed Health Coverage Wouldn’t Survive Obamacare, Either

Back in 2010, when the Department of Health and Human Services projected that “40 to 67 percent” of individual customers will not be able to keep their existing health coverage because of the tight requirements for grandfathering policies, HHS made similar projections for health coverage offered by employers. As it turns out, many of those comfortably ensconced in jobs at large and small firms were projected to lose their health plans, too…

What Joe Wilson said! Rep. Joe Wilson Vindicated

On September 9, 2009, Joe Wilson, Congressman from South Carolina, shouted “You lie!” when President Obama was touting the benefits of his Affordable Care Act, now dubbed “Obamacare.” Many in America were shocked that anyone would call the President of the United States a liar in such a forum as a presidential address to a joint session of Congress.

But, now, as we look back on 5 years of Barack Obama, we see that Obama and his Administration do lie. And they lie a lot…

Megyn Kelly’s Extremely Frustrating Obamacare Interview With Dem Congressman: ‘But 15 Million People Did Buy It!’

“Thanks to you! Why do you get to decide what’s lousy? Why can’t the American people say, ‘It’s lousy for you, for me, I like it,’” Kelly said.


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