The Blamer versus the Problem-Solver

David Foster
Chicago Boyz

The poisonous nature of so much of today’s political discourse is in large part due to the climate of blame-casting encouraged by Barack Obama. Given any difficult situation whatsoever, it is clear that Obama’s primary instinct is to use it as an opportunity to demonize a selected group. The man has remarkably little interest in problem-solving. Despite his faux reputation as an intellectual, there is nothing of the scholar or analyst in him. It’s all about speech-making…”the use of his vocal chords is to him inseparable from thinking, as Freud and Bullitt wrote about Woodrow Wilson…and the speeches, especially these days, are usually mainly about an attack on a targeted group.

A strong contrast is offered by presidential candidate Herman Cain..a man who has lived in an environment of problem-solving….ballistics problems for the US Navy, programming problems while getting his CS degree, marketing and production and management problems at the pizza company. You can’t solve trajectories or write code or make and sell pizzas by seeking out someone to blame.

This is a contrast that it would be wise for the Cain campaign to emphasize strongly.

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