The Defects of Obamacare

Judge Andrew Napolitano

There are four constitutional defects in the healthcare law recently signed by President Obama.

The statute has many odd parts to it that are also subject to challenge, like the federal takeover of student loans, the creation of a healthcare army, which includes members of the states’ National Guard, and the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents. But the main constitutional violations address what the Congress has ordered the States to do and what it has ordered individuals to do. These unconstitutional and troubling provisions are:

– Order the States to increase state taxes and spend the monies collected on healthcare.

– Order individuals to acquire health insurance that provides coverage acceptable to the federal government.

– Transfer regulation of healthcare from the States to the federal government.

– Put a federal bureaucrat between patients and physicians.

Can the federal government tell the States how to spend state generated tax dollars? In a word, NO.

Recall that the States formed the federal government, and not the other way round. When they did so, they gave away only seventeen specific powers, all written down in the Constitution, and expressly retained for themselves that which they did not give away.

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