The real bottom line of the union battle

Eric Odom
Planes, Trains and Politics

Ann Coulter’s column this week hits the nail on the head. She lashes out at those who believe we should place public employees on a hero panel of some sort.

Fine, we understand that Wisconsin public sector employees like the system that pays them an average of $76,500 per year, with splendiferous benefits, and are fighting like wildcats against any proposed reforms to that system. But it’s madness to keep treating people who are promoting their own self-interest as if they are James Meredith walking into the University of Mississippi…

…Coulter is absolutely correct here. Our political opponents view this as a war and are coming after us with everything they have.

We, on the other hand, are prancing around trying to be politically correct and “nice” to those whose actions are deep rooted in selfishness…

This fight is about two things….

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