‘They were enjoying frightening people’


…without provocation, they just attacked. I wondered who was working on a Sunday night, walking home at 10. It was a doctor:

He crossed Chicago Avenue, then went north on the pathway through the park, past the people playing tennis on the courts to his right, then out to Dewitt Place.

“I saw the mob of them … young teenagers, tweeners between 13 and 15 years old, like young kids you’d see at the mall,” the doctor said. “The thing I remember clearly was that they were enjoying frightening people. They went after a food delivery man on a bike. Then they went after me. It was like ‘Lord of the Flies.’

“And then they hit me with something, a hard blunt object on the back of the head, and I went down,” the doctor said.

Lord of the Flies…

This is where we’re headed, unless the country embraces cardinal virtues of old. Stop dissing the golden rule, stop sneering at the scout pledge. Stop trashing marriage..

…Or it’s Lord of the Flies in America…

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