Understanding Derrick Bell And Why We Shouldn’t Mock Him

Dan Riehl
Riehl World View

…In Bells’ eyes – and, I’d argue, Obama’s, all white Americans, including Jews, are inherently racist and will only care, help or do anything about blacks when it is in their own self-interest as whites to do so, or when compelled by government. So, when people call Bell racist (anti-white) or antisemitic, they are doing it because of the way Bell addresses and judges them as a group. That’s also what makes Bell precisely what those critics call him; it is he and his progressive compatriots, including Obama, who only see people in groups forever divided by socio-economic, racial, or other lines…

…At the core of the progressive mindset, there is no hope for man, so only a controlling state can manifest policies “fair” to blacks, because for now America remains a majority white country.

It’s a very ugly way of thinking that only sees the worst in man and offers no room for genuine consciousness, or altruism – unless it is imposed by some allegedly impartial state…

…the thinking beneath [“The Space Traders”] now dominates much of American jurisprudence and culture and unless conservatives expose and defeat it, we will only become it’s victims, regardless of our race, because we hold the individual and indivdual liberty so dear.

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