Top Republican Calls on Obama to Prevent U.S. Funds From Being Used in Greek Bailout

Zeke Miller
Business Insider

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, called on President Barack Obama to prevent U.S. funding from being used in the Eurozone bailout.

“A crisis caused by spending and borrowing will not be solved by more spending and borrowing. And that is why America should not participate in Europe’s $1.4 trillion bailout fund,” she said in a statement.

On a conference call with bloggers and reporters on Friday, McMorris Rodgers noted that the U.S. gave $100 billion to the International Monetary Fund 2009, and that it can prevent that funding from being used to help bailout Greece.

“Even now, the Obama Administration has to power stop the IMF from using U.S. taxpayer dollars on these bailouts. At the very least, the Administration should admit that America’s growing involvement in these bailouts is a legitimate issue that requires an open debate.”

Update: US About to Hit $15 Trillion in Debt; Sarkozy Asks Obama to Help Europe with Debt Crisis

Put on your hard-hat… the US is fast approaching the latest raised ceiling…

…At the G-20 summit, Sarkozy, fully aware of President Obama’s nearly three-year virtuoso performance when it comes to keeping America’s debt in check, requested a favor…

…Obama possibly thought Sarkozy was being sarcastic and retaliated by calling Sarkozy ugly… or something…

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