Truckers Roaring Into D.C. Now

Big rigs invading nation’s capitol to protest assault on Constitution


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Dozens of big rig drivers and long-haul truckers took to the highways around Washington, D.C., Friday in a protest of the extra-constitutional activities of Congress and the president, as a weekend of planned political statements launched.

CBS reported that at one point, truckers were side-by-side-by-side-by-side across four lanes of Interstate 95 and were blocking traffic until a Virginia State Police officer pulled them over.

After talking with the officer, the trucks resumed their drive at a speed of about 40 mph, up from the 10 mph they had been going, the report said…

…“Truckers Ride for the Constitution” co-organizer Benn Pam believes that the coming together of three rallies in D.C. on the same weekend could make things interesting.

“It is about to hit the fan in big chunks. ’2 Million Bikers to D.C.’ is organizing for a protective detail for WWII veterans to monuments,” Pam said.

Pam added that it’s time for the American people to make their will known.

“The United States is now a dictatorship, ruled by the decrees of one man. Spy agencies dominate the government and the people. There is no rule of law. The Constitution is shredded,” Pam said. “It’s time to rise up.”…


The complete article, with audio and video, is at WorldNetDaily. There is also a link to webcams around the DC beltway.



Related:   From FreedomWorks:

Help Fix Up D.C. 

When: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Where: US Capitol (West Lawn)
1st St SE, Washington, DC 20004

Join Glenn Beck, Sen. Mike Lee, FreedomWorks, and Tea Party Patriots on Saturday October 12th from 10AM to 12PM. DC needs to learn they can’t shut us down. We are the government. These monuments belong to us.

Show up This Saturday to Fix Up DC. Remember to bring garbage bags, rakes, and gloves. We’re going to clean up our capitol. Don’t bring signs. We’re here to work.



Update: ‘Occupy NPS’: Supporters flock to Va. restaurant defying Spite House shutdown [pics]




Read the whole thing.



Update 2: Glenn Beck Invites Anyone & Everyone to Come Pick Up Trash With Him in Washington 

…“I’m going to be on the Capitol lawn at 10:00 a.m.,” Beck said on his radio show Friday, encouraging people to come with their families and bring rakes, garbage bags and anything else they might need for a day of service. “They are letting the garbage spill out everywhere and they are not doing anything and it’s a disgrace.”…



Update 3: via The Blaze  (originally at Weasel Zippers)






Update 4: Weasel Zippers is posting rolling updates to this story.





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