U.S. State Department Considers Israel ‘Unacceptable’?

Kerry Jackson

What does the State Department really think about Israel? One journalist thinks the administration’s diplomatic corps ranks Israel right up there — or down there, really — with North Korea and Pakistan.

Enterprising writer Micah Zenko found that the State Department placed the Jewish state between those nations in references to “unacceptable” behavior. Using the State Department’s search engine, Zenko found that “the top 10 countries for whom ‘unacceptable’ was most often used in conjunction with since the start of the Obama administration” are: Syria (147 mentions), Iran (118), North Korea (115), Israel (87), Pakistan (83), Russia (78), Egypt (77), China (74), Afghanistan (66), and Iraq (63).

That’s a curious group for a nation that is considered one of America’s top allies to belong to. No country supports the U.S. in the United Nations or in the world community like Israel has. Why the rough treatment?

International diplomacy is surely a messy game to play. There are back channels, ambiguities, peculiar (to the rest of us) protocols and a lot of secrets to maneuver around. But there should be no questions about the U.S.-Israel relationship.



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