Under Scrutiny, Perry Walks Back HPV Decision

Jay Root
The Texas Tribune

Updated Monday, 2 p.m. CST: Perry spoke to Des Moines-based WHO radio and was asked about his HPV executive order: “That particular issue is one that I readily stand up and say I made a mistake on. I listened to the legislature, they said that was not going to occur, and I agreed with their decision. I don’t always get it right, but I darn sure listen.”

And he said something similar to ABC13 Houston’s Ted Oberg: “I obviously made an error in not having a conversation with the people of the state of Texas rather than just kind out of the blue an executive order. There was a better way to do that, I realize that now. One of the things I do pride myself on, I listen. When the electorate says hey that’s not what we want to do.  We backed up, took a look at what we did.  I understand I work for the people, it’s not the other way around.”

For years, Gov. Rick Perry has taken flak for his 2007 attempt to require girls to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus, the most commonly sexually transmitted disease and the principal cause of cervical cancer. At the risk of angering fellow conservatives, Perry has always insisted he did the right thing.

That unapologetic approach changed this weekend…

The article continues at The Texas Tribune.

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Update: Audio from February 2010; in a discussion which includes Sarah Palin’s endorsement of John McCain’s re-election, Glenn Beck and Pat discuss whether Rick Perry is a conservative or a progressive.

Beck is relocating his family to Texas, he told his radio audience last month, after selling his home in New Caanan, CT.

Also, at The Wall Street Journal, Democrats Begin Plotting Perry Counterattack.

Update 2: Althouse, Bill Clinton, talking about Rick Perry, reveals a lot about himself.

…Thanks for the insight, Bill. I figured you thought you were a good-looking rascal, but did not realize how much of a power charge you got out of riding the special vehicles. He sounds like a child!

Update 3: Do You Want America’s Future Decided by the MSM or by The People?

…Think about other events over the past few years. If it weren’t for Conservative bloggers, it is quite likely that far left radical nutjobs like communist racist Van Jones and Mao fan Anita Dunn would still be holding high ranking positions in the Obama administration. If it weren’t for the blogs, it may never have become known that the Fort Hood massacre was islamic jihad, as was the attempted Christmas Underwear bombing, as was the attempted Times Square bombing, as was the shooting outside the Arkansas Army Recruiting office… I could go on, but hopefully you get the idea. If it weren’t for the blogs, you would probably not know that the recent violent and brutal “flash mob” attacks popping up all over the country involved large groups of racist black thugs attacking white people specifically because they are white and for no other reason. If it weren’t for the blogs, nobody would know about corruption like the Pigford scam, the deadly “Fast and Furious” scandal, or most of the other treasonous and illegal acts of the corrupt anti-American Obama administration and his goonion thug cronies. If it weren’t for the blogs, nobody would likely know that Obama has us helping Al Qaeda and other jihadi terrorists in Libya. If it weren’t for the blogs, you may have never heard of the Muslim Brotherhood or been made aware that their stated official goal for the United States of America is to destroy it from within. If it were not for the blogs, people would probably still think that the far left drug addled Tuscon killer, Jared Loughner, was a Sarah Palin operative. There are so many important things that would never have come to light if the right-blogosphere had not exposed them and banged the drum persistently until media and politicians could no longer afford to ignore them, I could easily go on all day, but I hope you get the point: the right blogosphere is critically important to our nation’s future!…

Update 4: Heh! MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Shows the Left Fears Rick Perry: Media Will “Spend Every Nickel They Have. . .To Investigate This Guy” – Video at Freedom’s Lighthouse.

Bloggers have been doing the job of MSM for at least three years, Tingles. We’ve got this covered.

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