Wafa Sultan testifies at Geert Wilders’ trial

Testimony by Wafa Sultan at the Trial of Geert Wilders

Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna

Below are statements of Wafa Sultan which were presented as testimony in Geert Wilders’ trial. They were read out by the judge in the Amsterdam court last week.

From my point of view (and I admit to prejudice), Ms. Sultan’s lucid and matter-of-fact words make up a devastating indictment of Islam. The fact that they have been read into the trial record in Amsterdam will have a significance that resonates far beyond the Geert Wilders case.

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Testimony of Wafa Sultan, expert witness for the defense, read out in the Amsterdam court (Part 1):

Part 1:

00:01 I was born and raised as a Muslim. I have practiced Islam for 30 years. I was born in Syria,
00:08 and from my first school class until my graduation I took Qur’an lessons, two hours daily.
00:13 I studied medicine at the University of Aleppo in Syria, and graduated in 1981
00:20 as a medical doctor, and for four years specialized as a psychiatrist in a hospital.
00:25 I worked as a psychiatrist in Syria until 1989, the year of my emigration to the U.S.
00:33 Since my coming to the U.S. I have been involved at a scientific level with Islam.
00:38 For in the U.S. I can do that free and independently.
00:42 When I was working in Syria, even as a medical doctor, I was so indoctrinated,
00:46 that I was unable to think myself what was wrong with our religion.
00:50 I had many questions but was afraid to ask them. To research them.
00:54 In the U.S. I do can do that. My scientific work consists of
00:58 making comparisons between medicinal science, psychiatry, and Islam.
01:03 I seek an explanation for the backwardness of the Islamic world.
01:07 Belief leads to certain behaviors. All actions are the product of what we learn.
01:12 Which is generally the case, but also specifically for Islam.
01:17 If you ask me whether in the so-called nature / nurture debate I’d be more on the nurture side,
01:24 I say, my starting point is 50% nature and 50% nurture.
01:28 But over time, nurture is also becomes encoded in DNA,
01:33 and Islam has already existed for over 1400 years. You ask me for my publications:
01:38 I am a well-known writer in the Arab world. I published three books, and for an overview I refer to my website.
01:46 You ask me if I know Geert Wilders. I know him and I have met him twice
01:52 at an event in the U.S. where he gave speeches. One event was organized by
01:57 an organization I think is called “Stand with us’, the other was in Los Angeles.
02:02 Both events were in 2009, about one year ago. Longer ago I had seen the film Fitna:
02:09 I thus was familiar with Wilders’ message. At those events, I greeted Wilders
02:13 and shook his hand. I told him I am proud of him.
02:17 Why? Because he is brave enough to tell the truth…

…04:51 First quote: “ Islam will dominate, submit, and seeks to destroy our Western civilization.”
04:58 Ms. Sultan says this is correct. In the Qur’an it says the Islamic world wants to dominate.
05:03 Muhammad’s laws are proof that the Islam wants to dominate the world.
05:07 When Muhammad died, there was no enemy left. He had slain everyone
05:11 who was against him. That is written in the biography of Muhammad, which was written
05:16 in the first two centuries after his death. He died in 670, or, in any case, in the 7th century.
05:23 Next quote: “Stop Islamization”. Islamic values do not match the Western values.
05:30 Islam attaches no value to human life. Muslims are on earth to kill or be slain
05:36 in the name of Allah, to the benefit of Allah, to spread Islam,
05:40 and then you get a free ticket to heaven, according to Ms. Sultan.
05:44 You ask me how a Muslim in the West wants to make sure that Islam will prevail:
05:49 They ask non-Muslims to convert to Islam, initially in a peaceful way, but if they refuse, they will kill them…

* * *

A second video and the remaining transcript is at the Gates of Vienna.

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