Geert Wilders Visits America, Warning of the Threat to Freedom from Hostile Islam

Brenda Walker 10/23/2014

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders has been traveling in the United States this week and has made appearances and given interviews. Unlike many political figures, he is an energetic promoter of freedom and Western values, perhaps because his country the Netherlands has learned the hard way how deeply harmful unwise immigration […]

The World Turned Upside Down

Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna 10/11/2014

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of the Party for Freedom. He has been unsuccessfully prosecuted twice in the past, and the public prosecutor is conducting a new investigation with an eye towards yet another prosecution.

As Mr. Wilders notes:

“The Dutch official […]

Geert Wilders: 'War Has Been Declared against Us'

A Speech in the Netherlands Parliament

Geert Wilders Gatestone Institute 9/4/2014

During the past ten years and two days, the ostrich cabinets did nothing. Every warning was ignored. They lied to the people.

Do not prevent jihadists from leaving our country. Let them leave. I am prepared to go to Schiphol [airport] to wave them […]

Bodies rained down on Ukraine village after plane disaster

Anton Zverev Reuters 7/18/2014

…Rescue workers say they have found most of the corpses, some of them largely intact, others mangled. Some have been piled together but others lie where they fell, the place identified by sticks placed in the ground with white cloth attached.

Some of the corpses have been wrapped in almost transparent […]

Dutch revoke blasphemy laws in favour of free speech

SheikYerMami Winds of Jihad 12/3/2012

At least the U.S. has the First Amendment and the second to enforce it. But when Obama came out against the ‘bitter clingers’ and said “we’re working on it under the radar”, the alarm bells should have gone off left right and centre. It doesn’t take much to turn your […]

Anne Frank’s diary turns 70

Anne Frank poses in 1941 (Anne Frank House). Click on the image to enlarge

Dylan Stableford The Cutline 6/12/2012

Seventy years ago, on her 13th birthday, Anne Frank received what would become the world’s most famous diary.

The red-checkered notebook was given to Frank by her father, Otto, on June 12, 1942—22 days […]