Watch As Obama Press Sec. Tries To Explain Why Group Is Auctioning Access to Obama for $500K

Becket Adams
The Blaze

Organizing for Action (OFA), a group “closely affiliated” with liberal heavyweights such as billionaire philanthropist George Soros, is offering donors access to President Obama in exchange for $500,000, according to a recent New York Times report.

Not too surprisingly, once word got out that this supposedly “independent” political group — which is headed by President Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina — has been auctioning off face time with the president, the reaction has been, well, less than pleased.

Even White House Press Secretary Jay Carney struggled Monday defending Messina’s group’s actions…

Final Thought: Although Carney maintains OfA is “independent” of the White House, it’s worth noting Messina’s people still run the president’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Watch the video of Carney at The Blaze.

Update Exclusive: Obama Fails to Register ‘’; Site Points to NRA Home Page

At the beginning of the year, President Barack Obama’s new 501(c)4 political nonprofit, Organizing For Action, was launched with all the usual bells and whistles. But the tech wizards at OFA forgot one important rule in today’s Internet world: Register all the iterations of your website address before someone else does.

Now Obama’s team is filing complaints against the folks smart enough to get the addresses before he did…

…that they have replied by filing complaints against Bovard–and, apparently, a variety of other people who had registered domain names that OFA now wants…


Heh! Proof, again, that God (and some techies) does have a sense of humor!

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