Weiner on being hacked: Hey, it happens

Update: GOP congressman calls for investigation;
Update: Angry exchange with CNN


Via Breitbart, another bizarrely low-key reaction to what was, of course, an alleged crime, possibly motivated by espionage, committed against a sitting member of Congress. If you need to catch up quickly on this story, spend a few minutes with Bryan Preston’s rundownat PJM, Jonah Goldberg’s gloss at the Corner, and Peter Ingemi’s list of convenient “coincidences” in Weiner’s story. Here’s all you really need to know: If Weiner’s version of what happened is true, then the story’s actually a bigger deal than if it happened the way we think. If some hacker’s tooling around surreptitiously in his Twitter account, then he’d have access to all of Weiner’s “direct messages,” i.e. private communications, with other Twitter users. Hopefully Weiner’s not so stupid that he’d send sensitive government information via a DM, but maybe he is — and even if he isn’t, other members of Congress might be and they’re potential targets too. Alternately, if the left’s pet theory that this is some sort of deep deep right-wing undercover operation to embarrass Weiner is true, then the culprit deserves to be richly punished for what he/she has done. At a minimum, this guy’s marriage could be jeopardized by framing him this way; worse, now that the story’s caught on in the media, it’s bound to affect his prospects for running for mayor of NYC, which he’s been thinking about for awhile. Long story short, there’s no earthly reason for police not to investigate this, even if Weiner himself thinks it’s no big deal. It is a big deal — objectively, beyond argument, regardless of which side you’re on. How come Weiner seems to be the only person who doesn’t think so, such that as of this afternoon no criminal case had been initiated yet? If he thinks this is such a distraction from The Real Issues, isn’t the fastest way to get past it to punt it over to the cops and let them confirm that the hacking happened? And yes, those are rhetorical questions.

I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t yet settled on Tom Maguire’s theory for how this will all play out…

The article continues, with two videos from CNN, at HotAir.com

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Update: Kaboom! Anthony Weiner Scandal Explodes! with video of Andrew Breitbart on CNN.

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