Whitman a “huge fan” of Van Jones?

CAJ note: We first posted this video in another article in September 2009. It’s worth reviewing.

Phelim McAleer
Not Evil Just Wrong
06 August 2010

Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor of California, just loves Van Jones.

Yes, it is true. She says she is the huge fan of the environmental activist who is also a committed communist and 9/11 truther.

Whitman is positively gushing though the whole youtube video explaining how they met on an environmental cruise in Alaska.

“I’m a huge fan of his, he’s very bright, very articulate, very passionate,” she said.

t is difficult to work out which of Van Jones’ attributes Whitman found attractive. What is certain is that if Whitman keeps fluttering her eyelashes at Van Jones, it will continue to destroy jobs up and down California.

He is an environmentalist who wants to close down industry, and real jobs, to create fake government subsidized green jobs that will go to his cronies or “partners”.

As for communism—ask most Cubans or Russians or Vietnamese or East Germans what they think of that political system so loved by Mr Jones.

And being a 9/11 truther—it is a clear indication that Mr Jones is a political conspiracy theorist of the worst kind.

So Meg Whitman, how does being a fan of this green conman , who is an enemy of California’s workers, tally with your pledge to concentrate on creating jobs?

Just asking.

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