You wished for it and you're going to get it: America's Obamacare will look like this

9 December 2012

Many readers know that our WordBoss is a naturalized citizen from Great Britain. Time and again WB has warned anyone who will listen that Socialism has never succeeded and, in fact, it will eventually–one way or another–become lethal. It’s an intrusive and failed system that elevates jealousy, envy, and greed. Socialism devours any and all positive achievement. Nothing demonstrates his point more succinctly than the abomination known as the National Health Service (NHS).

About an hour ago WB received an email that his 83 year old mother is in hospital in Britain. For at least two years she has been telling her doctors that she feels tired and short of breath, so much so that she is frightened at times. At the end of April 2011 she was fitted with a heart monitor. It wasn’t until the end of July that she finally learned the results of that test. In any backwater town in America, this entire process generally takes about ten days to two weeks. Patients here would be rightfully outraged to be made to wait three months to learn their results. No matter how deficient you might think our system of health care is, the NHS of Great Britain and Canada is anyone’s worst nightmare.

We’ve been given permission to share WB’s father’s email with you. Read it, America, and know this is what Obamacare is bringing to you and to everyone you love. When you read about this driving from place to place please bear in mind the gentleman is 81 years old and his travels were generally over two lane roads on which speeds of 40 mph would be about average, in a country about the size of New Jersey. Our editing and comments are in brackets:

[Mum] went into hospital this morning and will probably be there 2-3 days. She has fluid on part of her right lung which may be caused by her weak heart; or, maybe the weak heart is caused by the fluid. Further tests either this evening or tomorrow will hopefully give the doctors more information. Sadly, they will have to take some fluid direct through the chest wall, which will not be very comfortable.

She woke me at 5:30 today to help her go to the toilet, but was quickly panicking through shortness of breath. The ambulance came very quickly and took her to C______ General [26 miles from their home], but after one-and-one-half hours they could find no space to admit her and we were moved on to the  P______ [hospital] in  L______ [a town which is an additional 26 miles away from the first hospital]. All the staff there seemed very kind and competent, but in the rush I forgot to pick up [Mum’s] specs and hearing aid, so she is severely handicapped until I go back [making the 52-mile drive] tomorrow. [Your niece] is visiting and should be there by 4:00 for a couple of hours.

We called her GP for a house visit on Friday. [The doctor] came promptly and advised we go in the car to C______ A&E [the 1st hospital’s emergency room]. We were waiting 3 hours and never saw a doctor. Fortunately, they had filed the extensive notes her GP had given us. We did see a triage nurse after two-and-a-half hours and were able to copy these [medical notes] to the ambulance crew who took us on to [P______, the second hospital].

I’ll keep you all in touch, of course.


This is your future under the Socialized–“free”–medicine of Obamacare.

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