AFP’s Hands Off My Health Care Rally Highlights

Americans for Prosperity

Yesterday, thousands gathered on Capitol Hill to send Washington a powerful message: “Hands Off My Healthcare!” This video highlights the day’s events, patriotic speakers, and passionate activists.

Also at American’s For Prosperity, Kerpen on FoxNews: Electric rates will soar now that Obama’s EPA has crushed coal-fired power plants

RelatedObamacare’s Preemptive Regulatory Strike. An administration that equates its taste for coercion and tyranny with benevolence.

…To accept the Obama administration’s argument for the individual mandate would be to accept the premise that Congress has the constitutional authority to shape any market to its liking by ordering into the market anyone whose participation would produce the outcome Congress wants…


Ryan: White House Playing ‘Chicago Politics’ with Rights

Congressman Paul Ryan says the Obama White House is playing “Chicago Politics” with our 1st Amendment rights in an election year. The Wisconsin Republican and house budget committee chairman wonders what a second term Obama Administration would do, when unrestrained and unconcered about a pending election


Update Want To Hear What an ObamaCare “Death Panel” Might Sound Like?  Welcome to the latest edition of Compassionate Liberals Show Their True Colors

And, from the New York Post, A supreme shock for ‘La-La’ libs

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