Andy Stern’s Ex Slams UAW’s King Over South Korean Sell Out

But we will fight them.  Because this is a terrible, terrible deal for America, at a time when unemployment is soaring and the White House has zero plans for creating jobs — unless you’re in the international bank looting business.  Everyone involved should be deeply, deeply ashamed of their participation in this, and we will do everything in our power to organize against its passage.

~Jane Hamsher, FireDogLake


Incredibly, there are people who are further to the left than former-SEIU boss Andy Stern. One of them happens to be Vladimir Lenin his ex-girlfriend, Jane Hamsher (former Hollywood producer and current proprietor of the ultra-left blog Firedoglake). Purportedly, Jane dumped Andy when he backed down from the public option in ObamaCare. Some months later, after Andy left the union movement and got a job as a corporate board member at a bio-defense company, Jane continues dabbling in union bosses’ business. This makes Jane sometimes appear more pro-union than her ex—especially when it comes to the South Korea trade deal reached on Friday afternoon.

As President Obama made the trade deal announcement, the administration went into high gear over the weekend to sell the deal to reluctant union bosses. As part of this sales job, the trade deal got a celebrity endorsement from the United Auto Workers’ Bob King who apparently got a back-room deal that has some South Koreans and FDL’s Jame Hamsher fuming mad.

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