CNN poll on illegal immigration shows Hispanics are not of one mind

Larry Hart
LA Conservative Examiner

CNN recently conducted a poll on how Americans were stacking up on the Arizona SB 1070 controversy along with positions on illegal immigration in general.

To check out the actual poll go here

The real eye opening stats are those that pertain to American Hispanics. That’s right those named Gonzalez, Ramirez, Cuellar are no less American than the rest of us.

One in four Hispanics believe that the Arizona law is a good thing and support it along with other Americans. That isn’t the most startling statistic however.

Almost 65% of all Hispanics questioned want to see a tighter and more controlled southern border. They voted almost two to one in favor of putting more officers on the border.

A third of all American Hispanics want to build the 700 mile fence along the border, and think Arizona’s new law if allowed to be implemented would reduce illegal immigration.

When asked if employers who hire illegals should go to jail, 44% responded in the affirmative.

What does all this tell us?

American Hispanics are not monolithic in their beliefs. Many understand what the rest of Americans understand, that this country is not a bottomless pit of prosperity.

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