Divesting in America: PIMCO Dumps U.S. Treasury Bonds from Portfolio

15 March 2011

CAJ note: Last week we published the PIMCO information in our post, “It will never be any easier or cheaper to fix this problem than it is right now…”

Front Page with Allen Barton

PIMCO [Pacific Investment Management Co.] is the world’s largest bond fund. PIMCO’s Bill Gross recently announced that it was dumping U.S. Treasury debt. Has America become a bad investment? Are bond prices about to drop and interest rates rise? Is inflation on the horizon? Find out as Allen Barton, Terry Jones and Yaron Brook discuss QEII, U.S. debt, and the future of debt investments.

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Related: at The Daily Beck, watch this video of last night’s program in which Glenn discusses our debt and Japan’s need to rebuild. Problem is, Japan is the second largest foreign holder of U.S. treasuries…loans and credit cards to us, essentially. They’re going to need their money back now to rebuild at home, right? Will they sell our treasuries to pay for this rebuilding? Can we afford to pay our debts? Will we try to inflate our way out of this mess? If that happens, what can you buy with worthless dollars? [corrected and updated]

Also, Glenn uses the blackboard, M & M’s, and pots and pans to explain an MIT professor’s evaluation of what is taking place with Japan’s [GE-built] nuclear reactors.

Earthquake in Japan put them 13 feet closer to the USA. It was a once in 1,000 year quake. Graph on how nuclear power plants work. If bond markets break down more will die of starvation. Some media gloom and doom nuclear ‘experts’ have ties to George Soros. Cow fart energy police in America not working. Japan has largest debt in the world at 220% of gross domestic product. Japan needs money to restore their country so they will sell American bonds and create more for their own country. Terrorists kill Israel family in gruesome manner… butchery. Too gross to show on TV. Gaza residents celebrate the murders much like they did for America’s misfortune after 911.


From BraveNewClimate, Fukushima Nuclear Accident: a simple and accurate explanation. H/T Kelly in the Midwest

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