Keep the Right Close, and the Left Closer

“If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”
~Winston Churchill, 1941

Franklin Brown
The Daily Pamphlet

Lost amidst the scuffle for the GOP nomination and the carefully orchestrated shell game over mandated contraception is a little-known fact that may have a large impact on the upcoming Presidential election:

There are a lot of liberals that don’t like Barack Obama.

The mainstream media has certainly done their part to muzzle conservatives, but that’s nothing compared to the lack of coverage given to an increasing number of liberals who believe Obama has sorely betrayed them.

Their lists of grievances are long and varied; suffice it to say, most did not expect “Hope and Change” to equal “Totalitarian Socialism.”

You can imagine why the media would be reluctant to report this dissension within the ranks.  The fact that it’s not being reported is a story in itself.  The ethical collapse of independent western journalism has left us without a public guardian against the unilateral destruction of the United States Constitution.

Enter the new media…

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Related: How Andrew Breitbart Changed the News, by Nick Gillespie

To get a sense of just how polarizing a figure new media innovator Andrew Breitbart was, get a load of this tweet from Slate’s Matt Yglesias that went out mere hours after the news of Breitbart’s unexpected death at age 43 broke: “The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.”

Breitbart would relish that sort of venomous barb, not least because it meant that liberals with an uncomplicated mainstream media perspective were taking notice of him and his point of view. That such a churlish and distasteful comment reflects poorly on its author, an establishment blogger with impeccable left of center bona fides, and his Washington Post-owned platform, would simply be icing on the cake…

And, at Legal Insurrection, an impressive graphic: Breitbart’s Legacy

Update:   On his Facebook page Phelim McAleer posted this about his friend, Andrew Breitbart:

One of the best tributes to Andrew Breitbart. Simple yet moving. Please pass it on. [The members of the Arizona 2012 Project remember Andrew Breitbart in this brief video, I Am Breitbart]

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