Sarah Palin gives a rousing non-campaign campaign speech in Iowa

Top of the Ticket
Andrew Malcolm
Los Angeles Times

…Today, Saturday, Sept. 3, is three years to the day from Palin’s roof-raising speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention, which launched her into national prominence. As on that night, Palin opted for a light-colored top. But in Iowa, it was not an oyster-colored silk designer jacket, but a rib-knit cream sweater. And if you didn’t know Palin hadn’t yet announced, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s knee-deep in the race.

The crowd got many of the themes it came for, including the “restoration” of American, American exceptionalism and the virtues of working people and small towns, along with the Palin bedrock issue of developing American energy resources.

She also went straight at President Obama and his policies, decrying his handling of the economy — including “Obama’s bullet train to bankruptcy” — and referring to his “winning the future” theme, saying, “President Obama, is this what you call winning the future? I call it losing, losing our country and with it the American dream.”…

…In the end, Palin did not announce a campaign — even though the “Run, Sarah, run” chants broke out during the speech as well — nor did she endorse anyone else who’s running. She attacked the current administration while also throwing warnings to her fellow Republicans about being wobbly on the principles she outlined.

Then Palin descended into the crowd, spending a long time taking photos and signing whatever people thrust at her — iPhones, hats, books (hers, of course) and bumper stickers.

Now Palin’s off to New Hampshire to speak to another tea party rally in Manchester on Monday, Labor Day, and perhaps, or not, announce a candidacy — or to strike a hard bargain in exchange for an endorsement…

The entire article, with additional photographs and video, is at the LA Times.

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