Senate Dems cut home healthcare, edge us closer to brink

Anthony G. Martin
Columbia Conservative Examiner
December 6, 2009

In a frantic effort to save his gargantuan plan to throw Senior Adults under the bus in order to give healthcare to illegals and pay for abortions with tax dollars, Barack Obama dashed to the Senate today to urge them to take the ball on in over the finish line.

Just yesterday Senate Democrats once again exhibited that they do not care about the nation’s Senior Adults. Not only did they succeed in retaining their draconian $500 billion in cuts for Medicare, but they cut money from home healthcare as well–another vital service which is geared toward the nation’s Senior Adults.

And why is this being done? You would think, by listening to their rhetoric, that it is only because of their ‘tender heart toward those without health insurance’ that they are determined to dismantle the best healthcare system in the world.

Such a notion would be wrong. This ObamaCare/PelosiCare/Reidcare debacle is being forced on the citizens for 4 reasons ALONE:

1. Central government control over our lives.

2. Central government control over vital personal healthcare information on all citizens.

3. Making taxpayer funded abortion a permanent, embedded feature of government policy.

4. Giving healthcare to 20 million illegal aliens who will then express their gratitude to Democrats by voting for them year after year, that is, after Obama and Congress enact their proposal for blanket amnesty for ALL illegals.

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