Review: Mamet’s Compelling ‘Race’ Makes Explosive Case Against Political Correctness

Larry O’Connor 1/21/2010

The first thing you need to know about “Race,” the new play by David Mamet currently running at the Barrymore Theatre on Broadway, is that it isn’t really about race. Well, not entirely about race.

The setting is a conference room of a law firm. Henry Brown (David Alan Grier) and […]

New Documents Reveal: White House, NEA Had Big Plans In Motion Before Being Exposed

by Patrick Courrielche BigHollywood 12/1/2009

Inciting is usually a telegraphed endeavor, with rhetoric yelled to an audience through a megaphone held by a coarse, weathered hand. But it can also be delivered subtly, with a soft voice and a wink, in the name of doing good.

Subtlety is necessary if a federal agency intends to […]