David McCullough calls American students ‘historically illiterate’

Twitchy 11/11/2012

In the second part of a two-part “60 Minutes” interview which aired today, historian David McCullough took a swipe at American education, calling the country’s children “historically illiterate” and encouraging teachers to major in subjects other than education. McCullough was careful to spread the blame:

I ran into some students on university campuses […]

Limbaugh on Occupy Wall Street demonstrators: ‘These people are tools’

Jeff Poor The Daily Caller 10/3/2011

One of the complaints of Occupy Wall Street protesters has been that up until last weekend, the protests had largely been ignored by the media. Well, now they’re being noticed.

On his Monday program, radio host Rush Limbaugh dedicated some airtime to the movement, offering disparaging remarks for participants.