Evil Google!

EMERGENCY: Spread the word, Doug Ross’ Journal deleted by Google without warning!

Kevin DuJan HillBuzz 8/30/2011

Doug Ross’ Journal – a political site that regularly criticizes the Obama Administration – was deleted by Google without warning earlier today.

Doug is updating the situation via Twitter here.

A bit of history on this: in the […]

Report: Anti-government protestors save men from hanging in Iran

H/T Instapundit.com

From DirectorBlue December 26, 2009

Holy Crap: Photos of Protesters Saving Men From Hanging in Iran This just came over the wire on Twitter:

RT @ThinkIran New Video: Sirjan #Iran Protesters Free Two Being Hanged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URoXkXIzJpM #IranElection {unreal}

Anti-government protesters are running wild in Iran. Some of the protesters were captured on video […]