The ObamaCare Fraud

The law will penalize doctors to pay patients and penalize patients to pay doctors.

Shikha Dalmia Reason Magazine 12/31/2010

There are a great many things wrong with Obamacare, but the biggest is perhaps one that neither party is paying any attention to: It is one huge entrapment scheme that will turn patients and providers into […]

Sorting Fact From Fiction On ‘Doc Fix’

Jeffrey H. Anderson Investor’s Business Daily 4/6/2010

After all of the analysis of ObamaCare, one crucial element remains almost universally misunderstood. The plan’s pretense of deficit neutrality is based entirely on the scheduled implementation of a drastic pay cut to doctors that will never happen. But this fact has been mischaracterized by those on the […]

A $300 billion deception

Congress plays make-believe, but the bill to taxpayers is real.

Washington Post Sunday, November 15, 2009

HAVING PASSED a health reform bill that is, at least theoretically, paid for, the House of Representatives is poised this week to blow a quarter-trillion-dollar hole in the federal budget involving, you guessed it, health care. This is the […]