SEC moves to tighten regulations on money market funds

Sarah N. Lynch Reuters 6/5/2013

A portion of the $2.6 trillion money market fund industry would be required to fundamentally change how it prices its shares under proposals issued by U.S. regulators on Wednesday to reduce the risk of abrupt withdrawals.

But the Securities and Exchange Commission plan was not as strict as some market […]

Blow to Obama as chief of staff resigns

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff has resigned from the White House after less than a year in charge.

Telegraph [UK] 09 Jan 2012

Bill Daley, a former Clinton administration official and a member of a Chicago political dynasty, stood down after a troubled 12 months as the White House’s top aide, which saw growing […]

Rep. Ribble: Endlessly growing deficits won’t ‘win the future’

House Budget Committee YouTube 2/15/2011

Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin holds White House budget director Jack Lew accountable for his own words:

RIBBLE: So we cannot win the future if we’re saddled with increasingly growing deficits, that’s a statement that you would agree with, correct?

LEW: I would definitely agree with that. I wrote it, […]