‘The Spine of a Worm, the Ethics of Whores and the Integrity of Pirates’

Read Glenn Beck’s Brutal Open Letter to Karl Rove and the GOP

Zach Noble The Blaze 3/21/2015

Think Glenn Beck will take criticism from Karl Rove lying down?

Think again.

Beck made waves through the media when he declared, “I’m out [of the Republican Party]” on Wednesday, prompting GOP strategist Rove to offer a dismissive […]

Mark Levin suit says EPA destroying emails, texts to protect Obama

Paul Bedard The Washington Examiner 7/24/2014

Conservative talker Mark Levin‘s legal unit, in a battle with the Environmental Protection Agency over allegations it delayed politically damaging regulatory moves until afterPresident Obama’s reelection, is charging that agency big shots are destroying key emails and texts to hide those efforts.

In the latest twist of his suit […]

Donations to Karl Rove's Groups Drop 98% After Targeting Tea Party

Tony Lee Breitbart.com Big Government 1 Feb 2014

After wasting nearly $325 million during the 2012 election cycle with nothing to show for it and then declaring war on the Tea Party, donations to Karl Rove’s three Crossroads groups decreased by 98% last year. The groups reportedly raised a paltry $6.1 million combined in 2013.


'This is about freedom. Freedom and tyranny.'

CAJ note: I was out of the country when this Glenn Beck program aired in October; it was just brought to my attention.

To refresh your memories, in September through early October: The 2 Million Bikers, followed by Truckers to Shut Down America, arrived in DC to protest this government’s abuse of our Constitution. […]

Chamber of Commerce to spend $50 million to crush Tea Party

Wynton Hall Breitbart.com Big Government 26 Dec 2013

On Christmas Day, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it plans to spend at least $50 million to “support establishment, business-friendly candidates in primaries and the general election, with an aim of trying to win a Republican Senate majority.”

“Our No. […]

Report: Karl Rove has been funding Grover Norquist

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 11/26/2013

Students of the GOP establishment take note: new documents revealed by ProPublica, the George Soros-funded “investigative journalism” outfit that supplies free content to media outlets, reveal that Rove’s fundraising behemoth Crossroads GPS supplied $26.4 million of the approximately $31 million Norquist’s outfit, Americans for Tax Reform, spent in 2012. That’s […]